About Us

The Glengarry Soccer League (or GSL as it is commonly known) was established in 1924 making it one of the longest running leagues in North America. The league is based out of Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario which has a long Scottish heritage and a love for the game of soccer.

Board of Directors

PresidentJason Jackson
Vice PresidentRyan MacMillan
SecretaryLoni Flores
SchedulerTammy MacSweyn
DisciplineBlair MacMillan
Ashton MacDonald
TreasurerRejean Boulanger

The League is made up of teams from a number of small farming communities and a handful of towns. Each area is represented by “Area Reps” for minors and “Team Reps” for senior, who take care of organizing the teams in their area. The tables below shows the Area/Team Reps for the upcoming season.

Minor Area Representatives

AlexandriaKirk and Jenna MacMillan
South GlengarryShirley MacDonell
DunveganBen Williams
Glen SandfieldMalcolm MacPherson
GreenfieldCurrently Not Active
LagganDean MacGillivray
MaxvilleJordan MacKinnon
North Lancaster Currently Not Active
Vankleek HillJoel Charlebois

Senior Team Representatives

AlexandriaSullivan Van Loon (Men – Alexandria FC)
Cameron MacDonald (Men -Kenyon FC)
Blair/Ryan MacMillan (Men – Drillers)
Apple HillBecky McIntosh (Women)
Emil Booyink (Men)
Char LanChristy Thomson (Women)
DunveganMichelle DeRepentigny (Women)
Glen SandfieldBrittany MacPherson (Women)
Logan Keurentjes (Men)
LagganTammy MacSweyn (Women)
McCrimmonBrendhan McCormick (Men)

Tier II Team Representatives (Tier II Men’s is currently inactive)

CharLanCynthia Sommers (Women)
DunveganCorina Shane (Women)
AlexandriaMelanie Bellefeuille (Women)
Glen EvisTeresa McLeod (Women)
Vankleek HillAshton MacDonald (Women)
LagganMichelle Owen-McMillan (Women)

GSL Constitution

The league’s constitution is our governing document.

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